10 Important Ways to Reflect going into a New Year

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3 min readJan 9, 2022

What do you do to reflect going into a new year?

Sharing a short list of things I love to do to reflect before entering a new year, first shared in this Twitter thread here.

Reflecting going into a New Year is essential before goal-setting [Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash]

1. Flick through the photos on your phone

This is a great way to reflect on all your best moments and random bits from the past year (travel, laughs, screenshots etc.) Create a short reel or TikTok highlighting your best moments and share with others if you wish.

2.Cleanse your social media

Review who you follow, who you ought to follow based on your goals and desired skills and even who follows you. Who do you want to carry with you into 2022 and whose thoughts, energy and commentary should be left behind in the past?

3. Digital detox

Even if just for a day or two, take a break from personal & work emails, social media and ideally the internet generally. Take the time to recognise other things you can do in a spare 10mins you normally would spend scrolling. For instance, get some fresh air or read instead.

4. Read an autobiography

Nothing like a good autobiography to give you some inspiration for the year to come…



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