Quick Hacks for Effective Virtual Networking during the pandemic

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7 min readJan 24, 2021

Networking hasn’t stopped during the pandemic, but are you keeping up?

The global pandemic has left us with no option but virtual networking. Although networking gets a bad rep, I see virtual networking as simply building relationships online.

If you are currently avoiding virtual networking, waiting for when we go back to after-work drinks, big conferences and social events. I don’t think you should hold your breath (especially in the UK).

Have you seen people with new jobs, side hustles, book deals, partnerships etc.? Do not be deceived, networking is still very much alive and kicking.

I also believe virtual networking is here to stay.

There are many advantages. Virtual Networking is not only more democratised (you don’t need to be in certain rooms to access certain opportunities) but it is also more environmentally friendly and generally more cost-effective — apparently 75% cheaper.

However, just like real-life networking, virtual networking needs a strategy. It should be intentional, methodical and engaging.

Let’s get into 5 quick hacks for effective virtual networking during the pandemic.

You have all the tools you need for virtual networking, are you utilising them?

1. Update your digital presence

One form of digital networking that is very passive is updating your digital presence. Ideally you would be sharing about a recent promotion or job role change, however simple updates such as making sure your profile picture is professional/recent, updating your header image to show your personality are just as powerful.

We are in a period where people will be checking for your digital presence even more than usual — before virtual meetings or through virtual events.

Social media doesn’t favour the shy, so don’t be shy about including your extracurriculars and sharing when you have completed relevant online courses.

When thinking about updating your digital presence, remember the mere-exposure effect. This is a psychological phenomenon relating to how people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them. So the more you update your profile, the more people feel…



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