65,000 impressions on spotlighting young Black British Role Models

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3 min readNov 8, 2018

65,000 impressions!

That’s how many unique Twitter accounts viewed conversations and tweets about the #31DaysofBlackExcellence campaign on their timeline and there was a great response on LinkedIn and Instagram too.

I’m still buzzing about running the campaign and all the amazing conversations that have occurred as a result. I absolutely loved running this campaign and it has been amazing to feature so many young people excelling in the corporate world, academia and entrepreneurship. They are all doing different but incredible things!

Throughout the campaign I have had lovely messages from students and professionals about what they have read and learnt, so thank you to those who have read posts, shared about the campaign and messaged me! A few examples below:

‘Great campaign — I’ve really enjoyed reading the features everyday this month!

‘Historically, black history month is normally centered around the themes of The Civil Rights Movement, The Slave Trade and The Abolition of Slavery which although relevant in contemporary society can be rather difficult for many people to relate to. I find all of the stories very uplifting and empowering.’

‘I just wanted to say how much I love your 31 days of excellence [campaign], I have only just come across it and I will be sharing this everywhere I can!’

‘It was actually so good and a great insight into how similar all our experiences are regardless of the field…without a doubt the most authentic and relatable black history month campaign!’

Here are the words people used to describe how it felt to be Black in the workplace. Can you relate? And if you are not Black or an ethnic minority, how does this make you consider the workplace experience for your colleagues that are?

Answers to the recurring Campaign question: One word that describes being black in the workplace to you

Three things I learnt from running the campaign:

1. It starts with you!: To me the campaign, is a real testament to the fact that you do not have to wait for your friends or those around you to receive accolades but that with the help of the internet you can showcase people and start campaigns very easily!

2. Celebrate your successes: In my network, we tend to be awful at celebrating our successes. If there is one thing I would love for people to gain from the campaign, aside from reading and learning from all 31 insights, is that we should all be proud of ourselves and our milestones achieved. Everyone’s path is unique!

3. Take the time out to pause and reflect: Chatting to each of those spotlighted, a lot of them really appreciated being involved in the campaign and the opportunity to reflect. I encourage all of us to take the time to pause and reflect more too!

Thank you to everyone who took part in and engaged with the campaign. If you have any suggestions for how to improve the campaign for next year, feel free to email me here: mary_agbesanwa@hotmail.co.uk.

Campaign Role Models & links

Day 1 Emmanuel Aremu

Day 2 Amaka Uche

Day 3 Gbenro Arojojoye

Day 4 Chinua Cole

Day 5Annette Oppong

Day 6Ama Amo-Agyei

Day 7Stephanie Itimi

Day 8 ‘Mon£y Medics’ Team

Day 9 Urenna Okonkwo

Day 10 Sam Aluko

Day 11Rodney Gold D

Day 12 Larry Owereh

Day 13 Funmi Agbesanwa

Day 14 Ayo Jegede

Day 15Lekan Doyin-Salau

Day 16 Monique Malcolm-Hay

Day 17Andrew Odong

Day 18 Kike Oniwinde

Day 19Pelumi Ojo

Day 20Lola Olaore

Day 21 Natalie Carter

Day 22 Jay

Day 23 Sade Oludoyi

Day 24Lily Okorokwo

Day 25Abadesi Osunsade

Day 26Carl Konadu

Day 27 Asta Diabaté

Day 28 Jerome Grant

Day 29 Claudine Adeyemi

Day 30 Rene Germain

Day 31 Shedzi



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