Fintech is engaging Gen Zs and Millennials like traditional financial services never could. What have we seen so far and what else is to come?

If you walk around the internet streets it won’t be long till you hear about crypto, NFTs, GameStop, contactless payments etc. and I can bet it might be from a Gen Z (1996–2010) or Millennial (1980–1995).

Why? I believe this is largely driven by these generations desire to earn more…

Networking hasn’t stopped during the pandemic, but are you keeping up?

The global pandemic has left us with no option but virtual networking. Although networking gets a bad rep, I see virtual networking as simply building relationships online.

If you are currently avoiding virtual networking, waiting for when we go…

There are so many books out there. It is easy to get distracted and just keep randomly jumping from reading one book to the next. …

As we enter another lockdown in the UK, it’s clear that remote working will truly be the new normal. I’ve been thinking and collating some remote working mental philosophies that have helped me adapt to working from home.

9 Mental Philosophies for Remote Working

Working too long without breaks? Find yourself multi-tasking during meetings? Feel out…

Committing time to your personal development shouldn’t have to involve reading books and taking exams. Here are the Top 20 Millennials/Millennial accounts around the world you need to be following if you are serious about continuous learning. …

Virtual events are everywhere in 2020 and I have been taking part in my fair share (over 40 since the beginning of lockdown).

This is not an exhaustive list but should give you an idea of what I’ve been up to and provide some interesting content to read and watch!

Here is a summary of some of what I’ve been ranting about.

How to build a Side Hustle alongside a Corporate Job

This blog post is to motivate and inspire the class of 2020 during this difficult time. Do share with any graduates or early-stage career professionals you know!

Dear Class of 2020,

I feel for you!

It is not easy to be graduating amid a global pandemic. Whilst many of us remember graduating as a…

Sharing all the #StayHome Personal development courses and entertainment so you can enjoy staying home.

With lockdown looking like it’s not going to end anytime soon, I thought I would create a blog post that shares all the free courses and entertainment you can use to while away this extra…

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Mary here and welcome to Now You’re Talking Network’s March edition titled Future-proofing yourself.

I don’t want to dwell on the current situation around COVID-19, I am sure you are aware of the guidance…

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‘Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.’ — Robert F. Kennedy

Mary here and welcome to Now You’re Talking Network’s January newsletter edition titled: We are all amateurs.

As a…

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