Fun, relaxing, productive and strange things Millennials are doing to stay sane during #COVID19

Like everyone else, I am deeply saddened and concerned with the state of affairs due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Without dwelling on it too much this global pandemic means that most of us will be working from home for the foreseeable future and also be practising social distancing or self-isolation. I put up a poll on my Instagram asking my followers if their sleeping pattern was a bit off at the moment and of the over 100 people who answered only one person said their sleeping pattern was uninterrupted. 😔

What are we up to? — Photo by Radu Marcusu on Unsplash

These are unfortunate and unprecedented times and will likely result in a global recession in the coming months. Unsurprisingly restaurant bookings globally are down 100% and Londoners have been surprisingly stubborn about staying home.

As someone who suffers from asthma and anxiety, I have found the past few weeks especially difficult to deal with. I have quickly had to deploy various methods to ensure I do not constantly feel overwhelmed, anxious or stressed.

Why Rona Why?!

Overall this #COVID19 situation is stressful, scary and eerily apocalyptic (have you seen Black Mirror yet?!).

However, I asked myself what role I can play in helping (even just a teeny weeny bit) people feel better. So I am adding a more positive article to the internet, sharing what fun, relaxing, productive and strange things Millennials are doing to stay sane during the #COVID19 outbreak.

This is a very serious situation but in uncertain times like this it is important to be able to switch off from fear, ambiguous updates and constant statistics and remember ‘this too shall pass’.

And also laugh.

I want to put a smile on your face by letting you know what millennials are doing during this outbreak and maybe you can pick up one or two tips. Albeit covering everything except reading the news and blinking incessantly to wake up from this nightmare…

If we keep blinking, will the Rona show end??

I want to remind you, that we will get through this. #StayHome, think positive, eat healthily, wash (and moisturise) your hands and maybe we will all end this equipped with some cool stories to tell our grandkids.

Anyway, check out the fun, relaxing, productive and strange things Millennials are doing to stay sane below.



I have been a big fan of TikTok before the outbreak but in dire moments like this, the app is a saving grace. TikTok was the second most downloaded app in the world during 2019, second only to WhatsApp and is a haven for short comedy or dance sketches. Given Instagram still has too many holiday throwback pics and Twitter is littered with fake and real news, TikTok is pretty much 100% banter.


A variation of doing kick-ups with toilet roll, press-ups or simply posting a throwback pic of yourself and then tagging your friends to get involved, creativity and boredom has reached new levels.

House party

One of the biggest apps right now is Houseparty. Videos, quizzes and games to bring people together (virtually ofc).

Netflix party

We can now be anti-social together with Netflix Party. Netflix has a Chrome extension enabling you to watch Netflix programmes and films with your friends and family with a chat function on the side. #winning


Drawing and art

Yes, that’s right we are learning how to draw, sketch and paint again. Just don’t show anyone the final output like I did. 😅

Going for walks and runs

Suddenly everyone and their brother is a runner! Jokes aside running or walking is something almost everyone I have spoken to is doing to keep sane or at least to keep up their average daily step count on their Fitbit.


So there really is no better time for podcasts. A great way to listen to some new voices once you get sick of the 3 or so voices of those you are living/isolating/social distancing with.

Check out some Millennial faves recommended to me below:


Millennial favourite Headspace is offering free meditations, sleep content, workouts, and other tools.


Instagram live

Although many artists are using Instagram live to have virtual concerts or DJ to thousands of people, there are a lot of people using the platform to host discussions or chats on more serious topics such as personal finance (check out @Ellevest or @thebudgetnista) or stick to @Dnice to say you e-partied with Michelle Obama.

Join Michelle Obama in #ClubQuarantine

Life admin

Did you know Shakespeare wrote King Lear whilst in quarantine from a plague??!

Of course in the midst of a global pandemic ‘sleep when you’re dead’ gurus are out in full force encouraging people to be productive with all this extra time. Which personally I don’t think is a bad thing (in moderation). Suggestions have included completing those tasks you have neglected for months, picking up free online courses, writing books, Marie Kondo’ing your life et al.

WFH swag

So we are all working from home now and have suddenly forgotten how to act, attentively listen in or dress to meetings! The Instagram account Working From Home Fits has garnered over 11,000 followers and provides all the inspo you need to not stay in PJs all day.


Learn a Beyonce dance routine

Because Beyonce seeps into every discussion and why not convince yourself you’ve got these moves nailed for the post Rona parties.

Virtual book clubs

Not really sure how they will work but they are happening! Check out The Hyphen Book Club just launched by Emma Gannon.

Facetiming all family and friends who will pick up

Group facetime is back in vogue given we all are out here #socialdistancing. Top tip make sure your phone is charged!

Zoom drinks

No more Thirsty Thursdays, First Fridays etc., how about virtual drinks instead? Read cheaper and somehow just as fun.

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Hello Digital Drinking

Overall, I hope you found something fun to do from this list. Stay safe and healthy.

TL;DR-Stay Home!

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