I travelled around Italy for a month and this is what I learnt

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6 min readNov 15, 2021

Observations and reminders from a life-changing month-long solo trip around Italy 🇮🇹

As part of my ‘funemployment’ journey in between jobs and recovering from pandemic workaholism, I spent over a month travelling around Italy. I visited over a dozen locations including Milan, Rome, the Amalfi coast, Venice, Tuscany, Cinque Terre, and Pisa to name a few!

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT — (1) Travelling between the small towns in Cinque Terre, (2) Chianti in Tuscany, (3) Rio de San Aponal, Venice
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT — (1) On a boat in Capri, (2) Exploring Positano, (3) Milan

The trip was incredible and although it cost me a few thousand pounds, I made some amazing memories.

I chose Italy due to its proximity to the UK (in case there was another winter COVID outbreak and I had to suddenly make it back) and for its richness in history, guaranteed great food and sunny weather even in October!

The trip did not disappoint and I had an incredible time eating copious amounts of pizza and pasta, meeting some incredible people, overloading my brain with museums and tours, and truly making up for my shocking step count during the pandemic! Beyond that, I learnt so much about myself and the country.

To find out more about my trip and some of my unexpected lessons learnt, check out the rest of this blog below.

Learning is good for you

Italian is such a beautiful language so during my trip, I spent 30 minutes a day learning Italian on Duolingo. Learning a language is humbling as you have to deal with new vocabulary and the frustration of trying to express your thoughts and feelings. I found trying to learn Italian, a fun challenge whilst travelling. I could practice on my phone and then go outside to the shops or downstairs in my hotel and practice straight away.

Reminder: Learning a new language allowed me to embrace making mistakes with minimal or literally no real-life implications. Going forward, I want to continue to embrace being on a learning journey in both my work and personal life.



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