Top 20 Millennials to follow on Social Media for Personal Development

Committing time to your personal development shouldn’t have to involve reading books and taking exams. Here are the Top 20 Millennials/Millennial accounts around the world you need to be following if you are serious about continuous learning. So in no particular order, check out these interesting and engaging millennials and the topics they have you covered to learn!

This is a list curated by me and I’m sure there are other millennials producing great content out there. Did I miss anyone out? Let me know below or on socials.

1. Now You’re Talking Network

Kicking off with the network I co-run. The Now You’re Talking Network a female millennial community supporting women to level up in their personal and professional lives

Main Platform: Instagram

Topics: Careers, Personal Development, Female Empowerment

Top piece of content: How to be a High Performer at Work Instagram Live Chat

2. Authentic Alex

Female millennial teaching about content marketing and personal branding

Main Platform: Linkedin

Topics: Careers, Public Speaking, Personal Branding

Top piece of content: Her short Course The Step-by-Step Guide to Building your Thought Leadership on LinkedIn is simple and useful!

3. Mashstartup

Millennial sharing about entrepreneurship and podcasting

Main Platform: Twitter

Topics: Entrepreneurship, small businesses, podcasting

Top piece of content: The Age of the Intrapreneur podcast episode

4. 9to5Chick

Fun page for working women!

Main Platform: Instagram

Topics: Careers, Women at work, Female Empowerment

Top piece of content: Difference between a mentor and a sponsor

5. Vuyo Dubese

South African based female millennial championing innovation and gender equality

Main Platform: Twitter

Topics: Gender equality, Innovation, Entrepreneurship

Top piece of content: Theory of Change Course for Startups and Entrepreneurs

6. Just Jaz

Career Success Coach supporting you through navigating your career and personal growth.

Main Platform: Linkedin

Topics: Careers, Personal Development, Side-hustling

Top piece of content: Why you shouldn’t start your CV on Design Tools

7. Thenewemployees

The Career Strategist providing useful career tips for millennials

Main Platform: Instagram

Topics: Careers, Personal Development, Confidence

Top piece of content: Career tips like these

8. 99u

Resource hub for creative thinking

Main Platform: Website

Topics: Careers, Personal Development, Personal Branding

Top piece of content: Building a Career from Different Income Streams

9. 11:FS

Financial services consultancy making fintech easy to understand and driving innovation in the sector

Platform: Linkedin

Topics: Fintech, technology, innovation

Top piece of content: Fintech is only 1% finished

10. Abadesi

Millennial sharing career advice and thought on technology trends and Diversity & Inclusion

Platform: Linkedin

Topics: Careers, Personal Development, Technology

Top piece of content: BLOG — How I went from being an intern at the Financial Times to featuring on their list of Top 100 Influential Tech Leaders

11. Money Medics

3 Millennials share personal finance advice using infographics and sharing personal stories

Platform: Instagram

Topics: Money Management, Personal Growth, Investing

Top piece of content: BUDGETING 101 | How To Manage Your Money

12. Gal-dem

Millennial media company sharing think pieces and news from women and non-binary people of colour

Platform: Website

Topics: Women, journalism, Diversity & Inclusion

Top piece of content: Everything you need to know about Black Lives Matter UK

13. Thy.self

Motivational page celebrating and diversifying self-care and wellbeing

Platform: Instagram

Topics: Self-care, Wellbeing, Diversity

Top piece of content: Quick guide to combat feeling overwhelmed

14. Outthebox

Events, workshops and inspiring content for creative millennials

Platform: Instagram

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Content Creation

Top piece of content: How to beat the Instagram Algorithm

15. Ness Labs

Thought-provoking neuroscience-based content

Platform: Newsletter

Topics: Mental Health, Neuroscience, Thinking Patterns

Top piece of content: Interesting statements like these

16. She Leads Africa

Community producing and amplifying content by African female millennials

Platform: Instagram

Topics: Women, Money, Lifestyle

Top piece of content: Funny videos like these

17. Fullahtalks

Helping young professionals succeed in applying for jobs

Platform: Twitter

Topics: Careers, Confidence, Interviews

Top piece of content: Using the STAR model

18. Intelligent Squared

Platform: Website

Topics: Debates, Thinking patterns, Politics

Top piece of content: Yuval Noah Harari on the myths we need to survive

19. Women on Top Podcast

Honest lessons from a wide range of women on their way to the top. Podcast run by @Frankiecotton

Platform: Podcast

Topics: Business, Startups, Money

Top piece of content: Biased! My episode with Frankie on Standing Out, Intentional networking and taking up space

20. Confident and Killing It

Community driving unapologetic self-love and confidence run by @Tiwalola

Platform: Instagram

Topics: Self-love, Wellbeing, Confidence

Top piece of content: The importance of the stories we tell ourselves

I hope you enjoyed this! This is a list curated by me, Mary Agbesanwa. Find out more about the content I share here.

Did I miss anyone out from this list? Let me know below or @millennialmarya.

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