Top 20 Millennials to follow on Social Media for Personal Development

A Millennial’s Diary
5 min readSep 27, 2020

Committing time to your personal development shouldn’t have to involve reading books and taking exams. Here are the Top 20 Millennials/Millennial accounts around the world you need to be following if you are serious about continuous learning. So in no particular order, check out these interesting and engaging millennials and the topics they have you covered to learn!

Did I miss anyone out?

This is a list curated by me and I’m sure there are other millennials producing great content out there. Did I miss anyone out? Let me know below or on socials.

1. Now You’re Talking Network

Kicking off with the network I co-run. The Now You’re Talking Network a female millennial community supporting women to level up in their personal and professional lives

Main Platform: Instagram

Topics: Careers, Personal Development, Female Empowerment

Top piece of content: How to be a High Performer at Work Instagram Live Chat

2. Authentic Alex



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